The Unique Gift Co.

Branding, Web Design and Build

February 2015

The Unique Gift Co. – a new startup business that creates gifts out of discarded or recycled items – first approached me with an idea for a logo that they wanted to be brought to life, and made to look more professional.  Their needs then expanded to include a website, with a long term goal of being able to sell their products online.  In the meantime however, they were looking for something to help get there products seen, and promote the events where they would be selling their items.

They have a very eco friendly ethos, and they wanted this to be reflected in their website, without the cliched use of green to represent the environment.  A lot of their products have natural finishes, being created from wood or stone, so I used an earthy colour palate.

The website was designed and coded myself, using HTML5, CSS, and a little Jquery.  I built it using the Foundation framework to make sure it looked great across all devices.  I used WordPress as a content management system, and have enjoyed making it easy to use by the client, allowing them to make their own changes as often as they like.

I have an ongoing relationship with this client and I am continuing to work with them on expanding their website as the business grows, whilst researching the possibility of creating an online store for them using WooCommerse.